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We specialize in fixing all brands and models air conditioning units. If your ac  doesn't cool efficiently, it’s leaking or you have any problematic issues with it, simply call us and we will take care of everything. We are available 24/7 at:


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Attention: the information below, which will help you to become more familiar with your AC unit. This information will also help you to use your AC in the most efficient and effective way, which will save you money from utility bills and future AC repairs. However, we do not suggest you to perform any air conditioning repairs that you are not familiar with, especially because most AC systems require professional training and knowledge with gas and electricity. To receive professional help call us 24/7 at:


Air Conditioning and Psychometrics


Evaporation is the means used by the body to regulate its temperature when it is not in an air conditioned space. When the human body experiences excessive heat, moisture will be released to the skin and then evaporated. The heat that causes this moisture to evaporate is taken from the skin. This removal of heat is what cools the body. This evaporation process turns the moisture into a low-pressure steam or water vapor in a continuous process. The appearance of these drops of moisture oil the skin is an indication that the body is generating more heat than it can reject at the normal rate, to maintain the desired body temperature accomplished the system is not an air conditioning system. When this definition is considered, a building that requires an indoor condition of 135°F dry bulb temperature and a relative humidity of 75% is an air conditioning system just the same as a system which is designed to provide an indoor temperature of 75°F dry bulb and a relative humidity of 40%. Thus, an air conditioning system can provide any desired combination of the conditions indoors regardless of what the outdoor conditions are.


Convection is the process by which the air next to the body reaches a higher temperature than the air at some distance from it and moves to the cooler area. The warmer air is lighter and rises, removing some of the heat from the skin as it moves upward. When the warm air rises it is replaced with cooler air which absorbs heat from the skin. This is a continuous process which maintains the interior of the human body at a constant temperature of 98.6°F even though the skin temperature may vary from about 40°F to 105°F. The skin temperature will vary in a direct relationship to the temperature, velocity, and humidity of the surrounding air.


Heat radiates from the human body in the same manner that it does from the sun to the surface of the earth. The heat travels in rays from the warmer body to the surface of a cooler body. Radiation and convection are different heat transfer methods but they work together to help maintain the temperature of the human body. During the transfer of heat with this method the temperature of the air between the two objects has little or no bearing on the heat transfer process. A good example of this is when a person stands close to a radiant heater and feels the heat on the side closest to the heater. That side will be warm while the other side will remain cool or cold. However, the temperature of the air between the heater and the person will be the same as that on the side away from the heater.

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