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We specialize in fixing all brands and models laundry mat and commercial dryers. If your laundry mat or commercial dryer doesn't get hot, it takes way too long to dry or you have any other problematic issues with it, simply call our toll free number and we will take care of your laundry mat dryer problem. We are available 24/7 for any San Diego laundry mat dryer repairs at:


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Attention: the information below, which will help you to become more familiar with your laundry mat or commercial dryer. This information will also help you to use your laundry mat and commercial dryer in the most efficient and effective way, which will save you money from utility bills and future laundry mat or commercial dryer repairs. However, we do not suggest that you get involved with any laundry mat or commercial dryer repairs that you are not familiar with, especially because most laundry mat or commercial dryer requires professional training and knowledge with gas and electricity. To receive professional laundry mat dryer repair help for San Diego county call us 24/7 at:


Laundry mat commercial dryer solenoids are used for various purposes in different laundry mat appliances, because they can be hooked together with linkages, gears, plates (valves) or whatever. In a gas clothes laundry mat commercial dryer, the solenoid's job is simply to control a valve plate across the main gas line.
Another important part of the heating controls of a gas laundry mat commercial dryer is the centrifugal switch that was mentioned before. For all practical purposes, the entire gas-feeding process begins with this dryer switch. Here is how all the laundry mat dryer parts work together: When you turn on the laundry mat commercial dryer, the dryer motor starts and the drum starts turning. As the laundry mat dryer drum reaches operating speed, the centrifugal switch (which is usually positioned on the motor) activates. It is wired in series with the gas-line solenoid, and allows the solenoid to open. Once the centrifugal switch does "its thing," it lies dormant until the next time the laundry mat commercial dryer is turned on. The task of keeping the solenoid valve open is up to the thermocouple. When the laundry mat commercial dryer is turned on, cur-rent is permitted to flow to the glow coil. This coil is a small unit that usually is made of platinum and is positioned right next to a pilot jet. When the flames go out, the thermocouple cools down rapidly. When it's cool, the thermocouple no longer produces voltage. Without voltage, the solenoid deactivates and allows the valve to close. The gas line is sealed the electric laundry mat commercial dryer's heat source

THE HEAT SOURCE for an electric laundry mat commercial dryer consists in most units of two heating elements that encompass the drum. These elements are made of nichrome wire that is the same wire used in room heaters, toasters, and other appliances.
The heating elements operate on a full 220-230 volts and produce approximately 5000 watts. The laundry mat commercial dryer motor works on 110-115 volts. This brings up an interesting point worth discussion, because it could save you a lot of time and aggravation if a particular failure occurs. That failure is insufficient drying, because the laundry mat commercial dryer isn't providing enough heat. Keep in mind that each of the heating elements of electric clothes laundry mat commercial dryer is fused separately. If the fuse of an element goes bad, but the fuse of the other element remains intact, the laundry mat commercial dryer will operate, but only with one heating element. Should this problem arise, check fuses before you do anything else. Electric clothes laundry mat commercial dryers also have a centrifugal switch, which is wired in series with the heating elements across the 220-230 volt line. The switch turns on the heating element when the motor has assumed operating speed.

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