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We specialize in fixing all brands and models laundry mat and commercial washers. If your laundry mat or commercial washer doesn't spin, drain or you have any other problematic issues with it, simply call our toll free number and we will take care of everything. We are available 24/7 for any commercial landry mat washer repair in San Diego at:


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Attention: the information below, which will help you to become more familiar with your laundry mat or commercial washer. This information will also help you to use your laundry mat and commercial washer in the most efficient and effective way, which will save you money from utility bills and future laundry mat or commercial washer repairs. However, we do not suggest that you get involved with any laundry mat or commercial washer repairs that you are not familiar with, especially because most laundry mat or commercial washer requires professional training and knowledge with gas and electricity. To receive professional San Diego commercial laundty mat washer repair help call us 24/7 at:


Commercial Laundry Mat Washer Overview

While non-automatics commercial laundry mat washers need no special installation, they require the same facilities as automatics—power, water, and drainage.
Power. Commercial laundry mat washers are designed to operate on ordinary household electric current. However, local electrical codes usually require that a washer be plugged into a grounded three-hole outlet on a separate 15- or 20-ampere circuit.
Circuits rated at 15 or 20 amperes are common in homes; but in older buildings, circuits with only one outlet are not common. If you operate a commercial laundry mat washer on a circuit with other electrical appliances, you may overload the circuit and blow the fuse or trip the circuit breaker. A grounded outlet is particularly important for a commercial laundry mat washer, which brings together a dangerous combination—electricity and water. With a grounded outlet, you are protected against shock, even if an electrical accident occurs. If you do not have a three-hole grounded wall outlet where your commercial laundry mat washer will be placed, you should have one installed by an electrician. In older homes, an adapter plug is sometimes used to connect a three-pronged commercial laundry mat washer plug to a two-hole wall outlet. This is not recommended, however, unless you know that the adapter plug is attached to grounded wiring in your home or apartment. If you are not sure, ask an electrician to check it for you. Never use an extension cord with a laundry mat washer If the connection is exposed to moisture, a shock hazard will result.
Water. All commercial laundry mat washers need easily accessible sources of hot and cold water. A 40-gallon, quick-recovery, hot-water heater should be ample for a regular-size automatic laundry mat washer. Remember that the hot water in your commercial laundry mat washer will only be as hot as the water provided by your laundry mat water heater.
For a non-automatic laundry mat washers you may want to use warm water—but do not have a mixer faucet. In that case, you can use a Y hose, where the upper ends attach to the threaded fittings on the hot and cold faucets and the stem leads to the commercial laundry mat washer.
Laundry Mat Washer Drainage. Water pumped from an automatic laundry mat washer may be released into any drain large enough to accommodate the flow, such as a laundry sink or a standpipe. Non-automatic washtubs empty from a gravity drain outlet located in the bottom of the tub or by means of a motor-driven pump. If the laundry mat washer has a gravity drain, you will need to use a drain in the floor. If the laundry mat washer has a motor-driven pump, you can use a standpipe or a sink.
Any drain opening should have a screen or strainer to catch lint, buttons, and other small items.

After reading the text and the washer problem cannot be resolved, we strongly suggest that you call us for an San Diego commercial laundry mat washer repair appointment at.